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Interesting facts about Nigerian Beans Pudding – ‘MOIN-MOIN’

Moin-moin or Nigerian beans pudding is king. And as a king, a proper profile is befitting for it. This is what this article hopes to achieve. Before we get down to discuss the important role this majestic food plays on any dining table, we should clarify that ‘moin-moin’ as used in this article refers to the kind prepared in Nigeria (I understand there is a Ghanaian counterpart, equally as delicious, or so they say 😏. What do you say if I compare the two kinds of food)?

moi moi is king
Moin-moin is a staple in almost every home in Nigeria. Made from baked beans, it is nutritious and easy to prepare. It can be eaten alone, or with jollof rice (whether Nigerian or Ghanaian 😏), white rice, or anything. Hence, it’s kingly status. The ingredients are all locally sourced and can be found in any market. They include beans, fish/egg, tatashe pepper, salt, onions, vegetable oil. Those are the basic ingredients in preparing moin-moin, you can explore with other food ingredients to achieve a taste unique to you and your family. Great isn’t it?


Moin-moin provides excellent calorie return cost-wise. It is rich in protein, and carbohydrates. What’s more, its nutritional value is grossly based on the variations in preparations and ingredients, so the richer the ingredients the more calorie you will be getting from this delicacy.

The basic nutritional components of moin-moin include the following:

  • FAT
  • VITAMIN A, C, & B.

A well prepared moin-moin could grant the above nutrients and more, depending on the variation in preparation.


cooked moi moi


The nutrients in moin-moin contribute a lot of health benefits. They are nice for diabetics, due to its low glycemic index( a value that judges the amount of free sugar unit a food contributes when consumed).

Moin-moin could has been known to be helpful for weight loss. It contains beans and eggs which are well known to cause a feeling of satiety thus reducing the cravings for food.

Because of its fiber content, moin-moin improves bowel movements and prevents constipation (yeah, it’s the reason why you have toilet time. That’s kinda what kings make people do 😉).



Moin-moin is cheap and easy to prepare. The basic ingredients as outline above could cost between 1000 – 1500 naira (depending on your location). this amount can serve a family of 5 for 2 servings, and it is cost effective when compared to other food options. The time for preparation is approximately 45mins – 1hr.30mins. though easy, it isn’t as straightforward as you might expect. Preparation of moin-moin involves concentration, as do most foods, but as the king of the table it also demands patience.


To recap, Moin-moin is easy to prepare, cheap to source for its ingredients, and nourishing. There are many methods and variations in the preparation of moin-moin, from the shape to the texture( here is an article about green ‘vegan’ moin-moin, have you tried it?) you can achieve a proper delight fitting for any dinner, lunch, or breakfast table. Nothing beats this elegant dish, or are there other interesting food that could displace moin-moin on the service table?

Let us know what you think in the comment section below.

farmhouz moi moi package

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