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Best breakfast options for workers?


It is 5 am (or 3 am if you are so unfortunate to live in certain areas in the city) and your mind has woken wearingly trying to settle between work schedule, traffic, and yes, food. Food is a very important component for our existence, providing nourishment and stimulation to our workaholic minds. Without it, we probably might crumble before the task ahead of us or worst we might hallucinate walking in a street made of food. It is so important that our mind thinks of nothing else, I mean tacitly, unless you are a foodie like the admin.

When it comes to food, timing is important. One of the many challenges out there is preparing a healthy breakfast within the shortest time. It is so important that it might decide the taste of meals and if at all we skip breakfast. This brings us to our subject; breakfast options for a deserving worker. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. A well-balanced meal could keep us energized until the next course, and skipping breakfast could just hamper our performance for the day.

An energized man working happily due to a healthy breakfast

‘ok, so I need to worry about breakfast instead of beating the traffic. What then makes a healthy breakfast?’ you might wonder. There are great options available for a well-balanced breakfast from eggs, oatmeals, nuts, and a host of other options that can contribute to your body’s energy/nutritional needs. At the barest, a healthy breakfast should contain fibre-rich carbs which aid in bowel movement and provide the bulk of energy needed throughout the day. Fibre-rich carbs include whole grains like oatmeal, legumes, veggies, and fruits. It should include foods rich in protein, and vitamins like eggs. Finally, it should consist of foods low in fats like milk, yogurt, or cheese.

A combination of any of the above-listed foods makes a nice healthy breakfast. Along with coffee or ginger tea then you got your mind tuned for the day, ready to power lift your way to your daily goal, that will be nice. What’s more, you can get all the food products here and see yourself cruising through your task nourished and prepared.


So, before you hit the road, or engage in other chores, do not forget your breakfast!


With that, FARMHOUZ wishes you all a happy workers day!

happy workers day from farmhouz

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